Expecto Patronum

Have you ever tried casting the spell "expecto patronum"? You'll neither require a wand to do it, nor will Professor Lupin teach you the spell in Hogwarts. J.K.Rowling revealed in an interview that the ghostly creatures dementors, in the Harry Potter series, came from her fight against depression. According to the book, Dementors are foul [...]

My take on Jaanu(Telugu), 96(Tamil)

The movie hits you like a fresh wave of water on the seashore, with the elements of nostalgia and innocence dominating the story-line. It reminds you of the good old days of school, filled with love in the innocent teenage hearts and their friends who believe in such sinless emotion. It showcases the pure admiration [...]

Happy Birthday Vicky Kaushal

When I watched URI, I didn't see a conventional actor playing the role of a patriotic soldier. I saw Major Vihaan, who was as anxious about protecting his motherland, as he was about his Alzheimer's affected mother. He effortlessly portrayed the life of a soldier, to whom relationships mattered and yet had a calling, to [...]

How emergency funds help?

Imagine waking up to a phone beep, with an email notification from your company, telling that you will be having pay-cut here on wards, or even a loss of job eventually. I would definitely go back to sleep praying that it should just be one of the nightmares. But deep down, you definitely know that [...]

Life after lock-down…

Have you seen the movie Liar, Liar? A boy after constantly being lied and stood up by his dad, makes a wish that just for one day, his dad couldn't lie. And magically, the wish comes true as the dad couldn't lie anymore. The virus taking over the earth, locking up people at their homes, [...]